Rural Light Ministries

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Rural Light Ministries is a network of people working together to build the kingdom of Christ in rural churches. We believe churches are Christ’s plan for propagating his mission and vision on earth. Rural Light Ministries engage highly skilled people to leverage their gifting’s and natural talents across our network to increase the capabilities, engagement and effectiveness of churches. 

How We Operate

Lighthouse ministries operates over broad space to build up church ministry. Lighthouse ministries uses a mix of technology and in person engagement to deliver high quality support, content and training.

What We Do

Lighthouse Ministries provides churches basic essential services to meet felt local needs. Helping with these essential services frees up local energy and resources for key local ministries.


There is a growing need for shared resources throughout rural and smaller churches. A huge ministry potential exists but some churches are lacking resources to pay for all the costs necessary to run a ‘full service’ church. Some churches are struggling to keep the doors open on Sunday mornings and do not have anything extra to be missional.

Rural Light Ministries has been developed to provide core competencies and services to rural churches around western Canada. This idea has come out of previous ministry activities of the Rural Church Revitalization Initiative and Brownfield Baptist Church. Furthermore, this ministry was originally supported by a grant from the Canadian Baptists of Western Canada.