Rural Light Ministries

Service - Fellowship - Mission

Core Partnership Offerings

Rural Light Ministries would love to partner with you to pursue Christ. Rural churches have real needs. These needs consume our resources and limit us from deploying our efforts in the mission that we are called to. Rural Light Ministries attempts to meet basic felt needs in rural churches which in turn allows rural churches to dedicate more of their resources to furthering their unique mission and ministry.

Church Engagement

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Sunday Worship Live

Live Stream Sunday Mornings Services 11:00am – 12:15pm

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Bible Study Live

Live meeting (two direction engagement) presenting bible material weekly. 

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Leader Engagement

Leader and Stakeholder Engagement 

Live weekly motivational meetings with network leaders and stakeholders.

Church Development

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On-location Strategy Meetings 

On-location stakeholders meeting once per quarter in person to pray, fellowship and build each other up. Ultimately we are looking for Christs mission and souring each other on to join in.

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Technical Training

On-demand customized technical training setup as needed to build local skills and abilities.

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On-demand Coaching

As needed support for growth, skill development and strategy.

Celebration and Fellowship

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Annual Conference

Gather annually to worship, celebrate and fellowship as an entire network.

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On-location Worship and Teaching

We come to you to worship , pray and be in the word.

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Periodic gathering to eat and grow together.


Online resources coming soon!